A Collection of Scenes More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish

A Collection of Scenes More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish, Chalk pastel drawing, 1.5m x 4.75m, (2023)

Drawn in response to the theatre production, ‘More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish’, this large scale work collages together observed moments of physical theatre, movement and connection between the two actors. ‘A Collection of Scenes’ translates sketches of the performance made during the rehearsals with SoreSlap Theatre Company into a narrative ensemble. The drawing consists of three duets in which two figurative shapes grasp, hold and lift each other in different compositions. They can be identified by elements of hands, feet and backs, but are ephemeral as the boundaries of the figures shift and merge together. Between the duets personifications of movement in the form of ghostial forms jump between the duets and create a directional pull from left to right. The artwork explores how movement can be depicted through the materiality of pastel drawing.