The Flow Project Collaboration (2023)

The Flow Project I, mixed media drawing, 70cm x 45cm, (2023)

This is drawing with blue and yellow of many children dancing with fabric The Flow Project II, mixed media drawing, 70cm x 45cm, (2023)

The Flow Project Collaboration between Isabella Tessier and Ponteland Primary School and the Pele School Trust revolved around alternative forms of documentation of movement. Isabella Tessier visited Ponteland Primary School over a period of three months to draw classes from nursery to year five as they learnt and performed choreographed dances inspired by the River Tyne, as part of a project called Flow. From the collaboration two drawings were created for an exhibition at Ponteland Primary School to sit alongside a documentary of the dance performances and artwork from the students.

The collaboration with Ponteland Primary School is part of ongoing research into the methadology of embodied practices of viewing movement and performance and the emphemeral drawings that remain. If interested in the research or partcipating in a collaboration please contact at