RBSA Print Prize (2024)

In the RBSA Gallery, framed 'A Bird Between Us', Four Layer Reductive Lithograph, 58cm x44cm, Edition of 7 (2023)

First held in 2004, the biennial RBSA Print Prize is a celebration of printmaking in all its forms held by RBSA Gallery, Birmingham. Featuring 90 works from 74 artists, this exhibition showcases the best of contemporary printmaking with the inclusion of both established and emerging artists.

‘A Bird Between Us’, chosen for the 2024 edition of the RBSA Print Prize, is a handprinted lithograph that translates the visceral connection between two performers from Sore Slap Theatre Company, based in Newcastle. Starting its life as a series of drawings made live during rehearsals, this print acts as ephemera, translation and embodied impression of their movements. Through gestural, bodily mark making and a reductive printing technique there is a transformation of the space between the performers into a bird like creature that is the physical embodiment of their connection.